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TF1 puts personalities down, but it’s for a good cause

Nadège Beausson-Diagne, Marine Lorphelin, Fanny Leeb, Héloïse Martin, Maddy Burciaga, Alessandra Sublet, Mareva Galanter and Firmine Richard participate in “Stars à nu”. – Stéphane de Bourgies

  • Friday, TF1 broadcasts at 9:05 p.m. the first of two issues of Stars naked.
  • In this show, personalities rehearse a striptease number, which they will have to perform on the Lido stage.
  • The purpose of the program is to raise public awareness of the importance of screening for testicular, prostate and breast cancers.

“Fifteen personalities strip naked to raise awareness about testicular, prostate and breast cancer!” »Let’s recognize it, the description of Stars naked, on the invitation card for the presentation of the new program by
TF1, inspired circumspection. In fact, many sisters and brothers displayed a dubious face this Thursday morning in December when the first images were shown to the press.

We would like to make us believe that watching Philippe Candeloro or Mareva Galanter drop the top, then the bottom, could push us into a medical office? The cynics that we are especially saw in this project an excuse to treat ourselves to a naughty and voyeuristic thrill in prime time. Except that, after having had a preview of the program, the first number of which will be broadcast this Friday at 9:05 pm, we found ourselves with tears in our eyes. Prejudice was blown away and the idea of ​​stalling a palpation of control as quickly as possible had gained ground.

Naked Stars is not limited to behind the scenes rehearsals of a handful of famous people (see box) preparing to perform a striptease on the Lido stage in front of thousands of eyes. Singer Fanny Leeb has embarked on the adventure because she knows, alas, what breast cancer is. She had it in the past year and has repeatedly talked about her fight on social media. The passage in this emission takes part in its catharsis. “The fact that you get naked at the end is one thing, but it’s all the experience, the challenges that you realize that are interesting,” she said. There is a real message going through. “

“It’s important to play down, because the word cancer is scary”

In Stars naked, there are of course quite funny sequences, especially when the boys try to show their sensual side, but also more serious passages. Former patients come to talk about their fight against cancer. Jean-Pierre Pernaut speaks without false modesty of the prostate cancer he had defeated last year and of the direct consequences of the operation. Baptiste Giabiconi was particularly impressed by the testimony of a man on his testicular cancer. “It touched me, because I’m pretty freaked out, he came to talk to us about it very naturally. He was in his locker room after a rugby match, he felt a lump, he was able to get tested in time. “

Entertainment is a less anxiety-provoking approach to prevention than some awareness campaigns. “It’s important to play down, because the word cancer is scary,” said Fanny Leeb. When the boys take turns palpating the testicles, “it’s fun,” concedes Baptiste Giabiconi, “but you have to make the viewers understand that there is a real subject behind.” Stars naked also helps to involve those who did not really feel concerned, like Heloise Martin not necessarily imagining that breast cancer could strike at any age.

Firmine Richard’s tears

During the show, the personalities take up several challenges. For example, boys pose naked for a photographer, girls do the same in front of Fine Arts students. At these times, these figures find themselves naked in every sense of the term and are confronted with their own vulnerability. Some of the men look uptight when they fall for the boxer, while others are perfectly comfortable. Actress Firmine Richard burst into tears during a seemingly harmless challenge of parading sensually.

These moments of truth, rather unexpected in the context of entertainment, may encourage spectators to reflect on their relationship to nudity, their modesty. Implicitly, this tells us that if these people manage to strip in front of cameras and the Lido audience, undressing in front of a doctor for a prostate or breast palpation is a walk in the park. “The trick is to make people laugh, cry and think,” concludes host Alessandra Sublet. If, in the end, we can convince people to get tested, we will have won. “

Naked and naked

This Friday, the first issue of Stars à Nu will be the one with men. Baptiste Giabiconi, Philippe Candeloro, Bruno Guillon, Alexandre Devoise, Satya Oblette, Olivier Delacroix and Franck Sémonin will be coached in particular by Chris Marques. Next Friday, it will be the women’s turn: Alessandra Sublet, Mareva Galanter, Firmine Richard, Héloïse Martin, Nadège Beausson-Diagne, Maddy Burciaga and Fanny Leeb.



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