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Mila’s case explained: insults against Islam, threats against a high school girl and “awkward” political reaction

Mila's case explained: insults against Islam, threats against a high school girl and "awkward" political reaction

It could have been a live video posted by a teenage girl on Instagram on a Saturday. It has become what is now called the “Mila affair”. This homosexual high school girl with purple hair was insulted and threatened with death , for having made insulting remarks towards Islam on January 18 live . 

The first open investigation, by the head of a “provocation of hatred against a group of people because of their membership of a race or a determined religion,” has just been dismissed by the prosecution in Vienna. But, faced with the gravity of the threats that continue to be made against her, Mila had to be out of school.

The case took on a new dimension when the Minister of Justice, Nicole Belloubet, invited to speak on the subject on Europe 1Wednesday January 29, was accused of wanting to question the right to blasphemy (which is not a crime in France), declaring that insulting a religion “obviously constitutes an attack on freedom of conscience” .

Before co-pedaling the minister, who “clarified” her words by recognizing a “clumsy” expression, political figures of all stripes were indignant on Twitter, like the socialist senator of the Oise Laurence Rossignol In a tweet, the former Minister of Families and Women’s Rights recalls that “in France, it is forbidden to insult the followers of a religion but one can insult a religion, its figures, its symbols”.

It did not take less to rekindle the debate around this sensitive subject. Since the beginning of this affair, two camps have opposed and clashed on social networks: #JeSuisMila or #JeNeSuisPasMila.Article reserved for our subscribers 

“I hate religion”

Mila is 16 years old, lives in the Lyon region, and is passionate about singing. She shares her opinions on Instagram, tells her life, posts videos of herself, chats with her followers, and assumes her homosexuality.

On January 18, she is live  with her subscribers, willing to talk about “a lot of things”  : girls ‘styles, guys’ styles, love preferences, “not really rebellious” slips a girl in comment , “same for me, not my style, ” replies Mila. Until one of Mila’s subscribers makes advances to her, which she rejects. He then calls her a racist and seems to be the trigger for the cyber harassment she will then suffer.

The debate quickly skids and focuses on religion, while the schoolgirl says “reject all religions.” She is “not at all racist,” she says, “since you cannot be racist towards a religion. ” A second video posted by “(videos intended to remain visible for only 24 hours) and quickly relayed triggered torrents of insults and death threats against him. She sharply criticizes Islam:

“  I hate religion, (…) the Koran there is only hatred in there, Islam is shit. (…) I said what I thought about it, you are not going to make me regret it. There are still people who will get excited, I clearly don’t give a damn, I say what I want, what I think. Your religion is shit, your God, I put a finger in her asshole, thank you, goodbye. “

On the identity site Bellica (belonging to a far-right movement with racist ideology), which collected Mila’s testimony from Tuesday January 21, then on Checknews, on the Liberation site , with whom she spoke entrusted the next day, the schoolgirl justifies herself: “Unlike them, I did not insult anyone, nor threatened, nor called for violence against anyone. What I did was blasphemy, general criticism of religions, and nothing else . “

“I received 200 messages of pure hatred per minute”

Meanwhile, his video is recorded, broadcast, and commented on Twitter and Snapchat. Her Instagram messaging explodes: “I received 200 messages of pure hatred per minute”, fake accounts are created in her name, she explains to Bellica, which has posted screenshots of the ultra violent messages that she received .

Personal information concerning her, such as her address or the name of her school, is disclosed:

“I can no longer set foot in my high school and I can’t even change my high school because it’s the whole of France that wants my skin” .

Since the beginning of the affair, Mila has lived cloistered at home. “De-schooled in fact,” says his lawyer, Richard Malka, even if the Grenoble Academy – on which the young girl depends – denies any eviction from his high school in the north of Isère and ensures that “educational continuity, from a distance, is insured ” .

On Monday, January 20, police were present at the establishment “to protect it and avoid problems, just in case,” said one in the entourage of the rector. Students have deduced that the teenager needed to “be exfiltrated” . Not so: Mila – who did not wish to answer us other than through the voice of her lawyer – had not even made the trip. “National education is concerned about his situation, but it is difficult to find a facility able today to ensure its security,” advanced M. e  Malka, who “many threats have emanated from students at his school.”

“Our strategy for this young girl to resume normal schooling has not yet been decided,” we commented on the side of the rectorate.Article reserved for our subscribers 

” Who sows the wind reaps the whirlwind “

The Mila affair also created dissension within religious institutions. On Thursday January 23, the general delegate of the French Council for Muslim Worship (CFCM), Abdallah Zekri, estimated in the program Les Vraies Voix on Sud Radio  : “who sows the wind harvests the storm”. “She sought him, she assumes,” he said again, while saying “against” the death threats she received.

On the 28th, the controversy never ceasing to swell, and especially after the declarations of the Secretary of State for Gender Equality, Marlène Schiappa, considering these comments as “criminals” , the very new president of the CFCM, Mohammed Moussaoui, published in a press release, following its first “call for restraint” , “an update” to recall the official position of the CFCM. “However the expression sought it , used by A. Zekri, and taken out of its context, to point out the girl’s responsibility for the words she made, was not appropriate. 

Two open investigations

At the end of the investigations entrusted to the research section of the national gendarmerie of Grenoble, the parquet floor classified without continuation, this Friday January 30, the first investigation opened for “provocation to the racial hatred”. On the other hand, according to the Vienna prosecutor, Jérôme Bourrier, the second investigation “opened on the count of death threats, threatens to commit a crime, harassment”, continues, and will be “longer” , he adds.

“The threats that have been made – and continue to be made – come from individuals acting on condition of anonymity and even under false pseudonyms. Impossible to say, for the moment, if there are among these people students from the same high school, he tempers, but that is the subject of investigations .

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