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Kobe Bryant will be honored at the Oscars 2020

Kobe Bryant will be honored at the Oscars 2020

This Sunday the whole world mourned the death of a major in the history of basketball, Kobe Bryant . A tragic accident in his private helicopter ended his life, with that of his 13-year-old daughter and some other companions. It was a tragedy that left all the followers of the player impacted. In a matter of a few hours, social networks were filled with comments paying tribute.

Now, as many international media have published, Kobe Bryant will have a tribute in the Oscar 2020 celebration . And although his professional field was always linked to sport, in this case basketball, nothing was ever put forward. In 2018, the NBA champion took a statuette for Best Short Film for his Dear Basketball project.

As we know, in these awards there is always a tribute to the different personalities who have lost the life of the film industry, so, according to The Hollywood Reporter, it will also be included.

It will not be the first time that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, since he was informed of his death, posted on his Instagram account some beautiful words to remind him: “They doubted that a child could reach the NBA and showed that they were wrong. They doubted he could win a championship and proved they were wrong. They doubted he could make movies and won an Oscar. Like all great artists, Kobe Bryant proved that the skeptics were wrong . Rest in peace. “

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