Thursday, 25 February, 2021

Influenza and gastroenteritis epidemics raging on the island

The corridor of a hospital (illustration) – NICOLAS MESSYASZ / SIPA

Martinique is affected by two epidemic waves: one from influenza and one from acute gastroenteritis. Regarding influenza, “five serious cases have been reported in the past two weeks,” says Cellule Antilles, relayed by FranceInfo.

In all cases, the influenza A virus is the cause. 620 consultations were recorded with general practitioners from January 20 to 26. In addition to this, 45 visits were made by SOS Médecin for influenza-like illness, 13 cases of influenza A and 7 cases of influenza B recorded at the hospital.

Cases of gastroenteritis since November

Many more people are affected by acute gastroenteritis. 3,500 consultations were recorded, according to the Sentinelles network. The first cases appeared in November 2019. Since then, SOS doctors have noted a constant progression of infections. Since the beginning of January, 360 cases of acute gastroenteritis have been diagnosed during home visits alone, which represent only 10% of all visits.

In mainland France, the flu affects all regions except Normandy. 22 people have died from seasonal flu since last November. More victims are expected in the coming weeks.

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