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2019 Casual Fashion Trends For Women

With the runways always showing the next big trend to expect in fashion, you can always rely on the streets to show you what is trending and what to expect in the nearest future. So, if you want a current wardrobe, you can find inspiration from the top street stars. Every fashion week in New York, Paris and Milan, you can pick out some very outstanding outfits to give you that trendy look. In this post, we will look at some current 2019 women’s fashion casual.

1.Bike Shorts and Blazers

Many showgoers have embraced the new bike shorts worn with blazers. This combo offers a fresh blend of both good tailoring and sporty looks. The look is always as striking as it is chic. Though it may not be the best for either the gym or the office, it is the perfect outfit for attending brunch with family and friends or strutting the neighborhood.

2.Animal Instincts

Street styled women are now following their animal instincts when it comes to fashion. Bold and wild prints are becoming more common every day. Particularly, loud leopard prints have become several fashionistas’ favorite with the bold prints appearing on different garments like coats, suits, dresses, pants, and a lot more. To unleash your own jungle fashion instincts, go for very striking designs with bold colors. You can also choose a complete leopard print with matching accessories or a jumpsuit or dress. If you are feeling a bit playful, you can put on a beautiful leopard print shoes or bag.

3.Boiler Suits

Throughout the last fashion month, utilitarian designs were seen all over the major fashion cities in the world. Of course, the boiler suits stood out from the rest for very obvious reasons. These boiler suits were originally designed with the aim of providing protection for women during manual labors. Now, they have become very fashionable and functional. To rock this look well, make sure you go for colors and cuts that are just right for you. These jumpsuits come in a wide variety of colors, so you can be sure to always find something you find suitable and appealing.

4.Lavender Tones

Lavender tones gained more popularity this season. This light purple shade is a very fashionable way of defining your style. Whether you wear these shades as dresses, coats, boots, or as a complete ensemble, the feminine color has a unique way of adding a lovely touch to your looks. If you are after something soft and exciting, try this look for yourself.

5.Puff Shoulders

Fashionable women now embrace lashings of fabrics more than ever. While this gives oversized silhouettes and bold ruffles, it also gave statement puff shoulders on both blouses and dresses. These puff sleeves add some 80s touch to your modern outfits while giving you that stylishly striking look. It can be a great way to look fashionable anyway. Just make sure you subdue the rest of your outfit in order not to appear over-the-top.


You can go for a neo-gothic look as a way of embracing your dark side. You can wear anything you like, but don’t forget to maintain a dark overall vibe. To look sexier, you can wear dark red lipstick.

7.Bucket Hats

Bucket hats have made a successful come back. If you don’t own one of these classics from the 90s, you need to add them to your next shopping list. This stylish and protective hat is just right for your weekend ensembles. They come in different designs like patterned, plain, brimmed, with some featuring different logos. You can wear them with your favorite overalls,

slouchy suits, and dresses.

8.Shrunken Bags

Every season has its must-have bags for fashionable and trendy women. If you are one of such women who value style over functionality and size, you may have to invest in a much smaller version of that your favorite bag. One benefit that comes with owning one of these shrunken bags is that you won’t have to deal with the use of a sore shoulder that accompanies hanging a bag on your shoulders all day.

With these women’s casual fashion 2018 trends, you are sure to make the best fashion statements this fashion season. Always remember to keep it cool and simple and never overdo it.

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